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  1. Georgina Parisi says:

    Hi I am so pleased that this scheme is still going. I was a volunteer in the late 70s. Ron Arnold kept it all going on a shoestring and devoted much time and energy to organising weekends in the country for children; some of whom had never been outside their neighbourhood let alone the city. No CRB. No seatbelts in the back of the minibus. Not much healthy eating either. The budget ran to jam sandwiches at sunday lunchtime. I wish you every success. Georgina

  2. Stan Whitehead says:

    Just hit upon this organisation whilst searching for any individuals still extant from the 1940 – 1944 era.
    I was sent to the home from Swindon after being evacuated from East End of London in’39. In Swindon, my host family ,which was Dr Smith and his Wife, had the loss of Dr Smith when fire-watching duties and thus Mrs.Smith couldn’t look after me as well.
    The home was an excellent haven for such as us. Traumatised and bereft. The master and matron were really caring people and gave us a really excellent family life.
    I am still wondering if there are any of the ‘old boys’ still around! I am 84 and still looking.,

    Stan. Hampshire.

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